Role Of Open Hole And Cased Hole Logging

There are many types of tools and technologies are used in industries relevant to their department. Wireline logs are categorized by their function and the technology they use. Prestige offers the wireline mission technology and delivers the data in the safe and environmentally friendly way to our clients. Case holed wireline services include estimation and intervention services. Its wire line services influence inventive and proficient transport systems. Geological formations penetrated by a borehole details are recorded as well logging. Oil and gas industries use this wire line logging to their cabling technology to lower equipment devices into the well. They use this for well intervention, reservoir evaluation and pipe recovery. Slickline is a thin cable inserted into a well to deliver and retrieve tools downhole. Wireline is an electric cable used to lower tools into and transmit data about the wellbore. Wireline and slickline are the tools inserted into the well for both workover and logging effects. Before the oil or gas well is lined with pipe or cased in the industries open hole logs are run. After the well is lined with casing or production pipe cased hole logs are run. By this information regarding the formation of wells in the wireline logging we understand about the open hole and cased hole logging.


Companies Using The Wireline Logs

Companies use the wireline logging to gather the data about the geological properties of formation of well there by these data helps to make decision about drilling and production operations. Schlumberger oilfield limited uses wireline logging. Geovista intelligent borehole logging performs the supply and manufacture of geophysical logging and surveying systems. It includes borehole loggers, logging winches and sondes for geophysical logging, downhole imaging and well inspection cameras. They are used worldwide and recognized as a simple reliable partner. They have the exploration in the areas such as identification of sub-surface natural resources for minerals and ground water. The Determination of coal quality is mining and evaluation of mineralized formations. Weatherford wireline services include measurement, well intervention and remediation operations that use a multi-strand cable to convey equipment and measurement devices into wells. Weatherford services deliver the critical information about the subsurface. Wire line engineering deliver products and solutions to the upstream oil and gas sector to 50 countries. Their wire line tools are operated efficiently in deviated and difficult wells. These companies provide world class products to their customer aligned to their business.